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OFF THE GRID is a lifestyle that embodies creativity. OFF THE GRID means thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries and doing things a little differently.  

OFF THE GRID is a place we all belong.

Each brand and product available through OTG was researched, tested and handpicked by founders Michelle & Shelley to give you high quality, effective products. Beauty and wellness should be easy, achievable and a feel good experience. Our goal at OTG is to offer you products that eliminate the overwhelming noise of the beauty industry and encourage you to think OFF THE GRID.



Meet Michelle (left) and Shelley (right). Both formally trained makeup artists, together we have nearly 20 years experience in the makeup industry, providing our services across North America, including, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York. Specializing in event makeup, we understand what it takes to make someone feel their best on life's important days. We have built a reputation on being able to work efficiently while maintaining a calmness in high stress/emotional settings. We understand the importance of listening to our clients' requests and executing personalized looks every time. 


As self proclaimed "product enthusiasts," we bonded over our love for trying new products and discovered a mutual preference for a relaxed and experimental approach to makeup. Bronzer as eyeshadow? Why not. Lipstick as blush? Sure!    


After five years of working together while simultaneously pursuing our separate businesses, we decided to officially join forces. Sharing similar goals and ideas of what makeup and self-care should look like, we knew we could create something special. Our goal with OTG is to build a space that offers a much needed fresh perspective amongst all the clutter.  


A year and a half of late night brainstorming sessions and thousands of coffees later, we present you with OFF THE GRID - our new makeup home. 


Makeup + Hair 


Meet Skylar (and her pup Kiwi)!


Skylar has been a part of the OTG team since before we were officially OTG. Her work ethic is unparalleled and her artistry is simply beautiful. Sky shares our simplistic and creative approach to makeup, crafting each look to be as personalized and unique as the face she is painting. In true OTG form she is calm, cool and collected and an overall joy to work with on your special day. We are so proud to have her on our team! 

Above all else, she loves dogs as much as we do, which makes our team meetings that much more fun.... and cuddly.


See Sky's work here: @skynormington

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